We don't plant customers, we plant trees. Baumbuddy is reforesting regional, climate-stable mixed forests throughout Europe.

We are meta-political as well as independent, hardworking, and just brimming with positive energy.

During a hike along the Untersberg, the beauty of the landscape prompted the two founders Stefan and Bela to actively engage in the reforestation of regional climate-stable mixed forests throughout Europe.

Our tree certificates create insight, outlook and visibility for everyone.

The certificates provided by Baumbuddy enable transparency, so it's child's play to understand where, when and what was planted.

Everywhere where it is possible, but especially where it is necessary.

We find that there cannot be enough trees. Tree planting turns out to be one of the most effective ways to promote biodiversity and species diversity, and is therefore an excellent way to leave places better than they were when you found them, worldwide.

Dense forests offer great material for myths and stories, but a dark forest is not a welcome home for all inhabitants of the world. Here the meadow orchard offers the ideal symbiosis between forest and meadow.

We would prefer to plant throughout but nature sets the pace, planting times thus occur in the spring as well as the fall.

You bet! Just enter your certificate's code via the Tree Buddy search and you'll see where, when and what has been planted in your name.

By themselves, all certificates on our website are public, but for the shy deer among us, it is of course possible to do good anonymously.

The Tree Certificate is a document, but if you want to decorate your home with it, you can also get a printed version through us.

Unless you subscribe, you only pay for what you want to pay for.

Of course! You generally have 14 days to do so, for more detailed information on how this is handled in your country, please refer to the respective regulations.

No, but a personalized certificate is then no longer possible.

Each year, we prepare reports on how we manage our financial resources.

No, a sponsored tree sponsorship is already paid for and will not be double booked.

Our subscription models offer an ideal opportunity to feed your tree addiction.

This is for legal reasons, to meet our high standards this form is not suitable for our mission.

By phone via e-mail or mail.

Our mascot is handmade and a lot of love and effort goes into it, but feel free to invite us to your party, celebration or event.

There is no need to know on wood, we plant forests just as one should. Trust is good, but control is better especially when it comes to your hard earned money.

We set new standards with Baumbuddy when it comes to transparency and reforestation, providing you with all the information you need.

€6,00 VAT included

Of course, reactivation is possible via your customer profile. Sometimes this way, sometimes that way, you can also individualize your subscription according to your preferences.

We start with a precise examination of the site, factors such as PH value, altitude, precipitation and nutrient content play an essential role.

Then we select the most suitable tree varieties for the site and also already start reforestation.

If necessary, we protect the seedlings with a forest fence so that they are not bitten or trampled.

All this is also recorded by video and photo documentation and then published.

We set either by hand or by set plow, depending on the conditions.

Interested individuals can contact us via email and receive a form that evaluates whether the space being offered is suitable for Baumbuddy.

Thanks to our kind supporters, we can cover our office costs. Because our wealth is the forest wealth.

Our tree certificates and subscription models are a great way to support us.

Companies wishing to cooperate with Baumbuddy are advised to contact us by phone or email.

Tree sponsorships are an ideal way to show appreciation to customers.

We'll be happy to design a personalized offer for your company.

Donations alone are not enough for you? You want to be there live when it gets down to business? Then become a member of our association!

If you are not afraid of hard sweaty work and like to roll up your sleeves, then join one of our clubs, this will give you the opportunity to participate in a planting event and give a hand yourself after successfully passing our reforestation course.

Through our thoughtful approach to planting, as well as taking into account the local conditions, we maximize the growth guarantee of the saplings.

Our seedlings are selected in such a way that a majority of all set can grow into a tree, thereby we trust in proven knowledge and constantly educate ourselves to use the latest knowledge or aids sensibly.

Trees always follow the instructions and nature, so some species are promoted while later others, the larger trees as an undergrowth save the soil from drying out.

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