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Alles was bewegt!

Runde 21 des Tag des Sports steht an und Hunderttausende Besucher*Innen, 122 Sportverbände und mehr als 400 erfolgreiche Sportler*Innen finden viel Platz für Action.

Die außergewöhnlichen Leistungen der Sportler*Innen werden durch die Verleihung unserer Baumpatenschaften geehrt und tragen dazu bei, dass der Sportler*Innen-Mischwald weiterwächst.

Sei auch du bei Österreichs größter Open-Air-Sportveranstaltung am 17. September 2022 in Wien dabei.


Hello, we are Baumbuddy, a nature initiative that is setting new standards when it comes to planting regional climate-stable mixed forests in Europe.

Forests are the equivalent of our lungs, They produce vital oxygen (O2) for us, filter pollutants, as well as fine dust from the air, act as the planet's natural air conditioner, and on top of that, sequester carbon (C).

In addition to reforestation of mixed forests, we also take care of the creation of one of the most species-rich forms of vegetation: Orchard meadows.

This historical method of land use represents a fantastic symbiosis between forest, meadow and garden and offers benefits to humans, animals and insects alike, because orchard meadows promote biodiversity, provide valuable refuges for endangered species and the sweet fruits attract small and large with their wonderful scent and beautiful blossoms.

With us, you have the opportunity to be there every step of the way when Baumbuddy plants new regional climate-stable forests, because our tree certificates are tagged with codes, making it possible to find out where, when and what was planted.

In addition, all our projects are recorded on film & photo and are available for all to admire.

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Current missions




Austria Mixed forest Wild bees
  • Mission description
  • The project area is located on a south-facing slope with a gradient of about 40° degrees in the middle of the community of Brunnenthal. The slope was formerly used as a pasture, ski, and toboggan run. In the early 90's the property was divided and used as forest land.



Austria Mixed forest Wild bees
  • Mission description
  • The project area is located in the Schacherwald and lies not far from the municipality of Wallensham along the federal road in the direction of Münzkirchen. The surrounding coniferous forest has a high proportion of spruce stands.



Austria Mixed forest Wild bees
  • Mission description
  • The project area is located in the Lindetwald and is not far from the municipality of Suben near the Schärding-Suben airfield. The area is surrounded by fields and borders on a forest with a high proportion of conifers.

Treewashing adé

Why tree sponsorships at Baumbuddy are unique

Plant but Precisely

Dig a hole, plant in, it would be nice! As much as nature impresses with its supposed simplicity, the complexity quickly becomes clear when you deal with it more intensively. Baumbuddy always works in harmony with the local conditions of the respective flora and includes regionally native tree species in the project planning. The planted trees are protected by the use of European-made forest fences. Once the seedlings are old enough to withstand wildlife, the fence is removed and reused in a new project.

Tree in view

Once a planting project is complete, our videos and photos give you an additional way to keep an eye on the area via live feed. A welcome change from fireside videos, right?

Green for Generations

With Baumbuddy, you can be totally confident in leaving the world a better place. Mixed forests are projects for generations. To be sure that the trees will not be cut down in the future, our areas are under contractual protection for 55 years. During this time, your tree sponsorship will help release incredible amounts of fresh oxygen (O2) and provide a new home for forest creatures.

There is no need to know on wood, we plant forests just as one should.

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